Where are they now?

1983 reunion

1983 reunion

front row:Nancy Benedict,Kitty Davenport,Gail Hughes,Mary Jane French,Mary Heep,Bruce Oatman,Babbie Ellis,

Mimi Gisolfi,Ruth Folwell,Judy Crabtree,Beth Davenport,(missing) Jim Lafferty

back row:Jim Garrity,Charles Lowenthal, Marla Judge,Tuffy Stowe,Jack Faling,George Smith,Marilyn Branson

Poler family'92

Gail Poler,Hank,Dwight,Laura,Craig 1992

1996 reunion

'96 reunion Marla J,Jack F,Mollie B,Curtiss F

Mollie and Curtiss

Mollie Burnett and Curtiss Frank, SF 1996

reunion 1996

San Francisco reunion,1996 Mimi G,Bruce O

George Smith and Camilla

George Smith and Camilla, hosts extraordinaire

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